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From novel and designer materials and devices and instruments to smart diagnostics and infrastructure across photonic, quantum and IoT applications, we have extensive experience and networks built over decades working with mainstream industry both locally and globally as well as establishing direct startups to exploit Australian technology across the world. For both industry and academic collaborations, as well as commercial and consultancy advice, please contact iPL here: 

Press Alert: Post Doc position on advanced medical health technology using photonics with two hospitals. Must have strong background in clinical diagnostics in western hospitals and photonics and/or optics. For confidential inquiries please contact POSITION.
Press Alert: Water photonics/electronics is getting hot! Opportunity to fund full pct patent on water photonics and electro-optic devices! See Press Bullets for more info!
Press Alert: Post-doc position available in NRC, Ottawa Canada for high quality graduates or young Post-Docs. Apply here:    AD_in_English   AD_in_French   (Be courteous and don't waste peoples times sending spam inquiries if you have no relevant experience or capacity).